Inaugurated in November 2015 at Cais do Sodré, the “CLUBE DO BACALHAU” is a cultural and gastronomic space, inspirited in cultural and literary clubs that have made history (like Le Palace in Paris, Studio 54 in New York or the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurique). It’s a place of meetings and bohemia with a relaxing, eclectic and dynamic environment.

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All the founders are, in a way or another, deeply rooted in the word of Arts. From Theatre, to Dance and Music. That is the idea of Prodigy was born. It is difficult to create a piece that endures through time. Our Classic line has a strong history behind it. It also uses an original design and excellent materials, which provide a unique durability and resistance to clothes. Our CLASSIC LINE has built a strong portfolio of Polos to men who are looking for Style, Comfort and Elegance for a daily routine.

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The main feature of our CLassic Line polos is timeless. The continuous research for new materials, production techniques and improvement of the product quality makes the satisfaction of our customers a constant presence.

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The classic line versatility results in the junction between traditional and modern style, both harmoniously togheter in the same piece. This collection ensures to our clients an investment in quality and originality.

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Rui, Tiago, João and Clem are the founders of the “Clube do Bacalhau”. It was located in an industrial building, which was built after the earthquake of 1755 and rebuilt in 1917. The founders really built the place with their own hands. Before, it was a simple Bakery shop and was changed into a workshop for nautical motors. They preserved the architecture’s essential characteristics, like the original arrows in donkey´s bricks, the walls, the stone floor, the water mine and also the crane used to pull up the boat motors to the interior of the room. The club has two rooms of 100 m² each. The first floor has the codfish culture’s spirit, connecting the artisanal street to the city center. The superior floor has a room with a vintage style furniture, lights and pieces of art.


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The founders of CASA DO BACALHAU are the icons of the prodigy fashion polos around the world that understands that we are made of roots and without them we can´t exist

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