A photographer in front of the camera: get to know Carlos Teixeira


Born in Espinho, he is one of the most influential photographers of the moment, even though his biggest goal is to see his work renowned. Get to know the world of Carlos Teixeira, that this time change his place and is in front of the camera for Prodigy Fashion


His love for photography started in 2002 while attending at the Communication, Marketing, Publicity and Public Relations course. Since that moment, the wish to learn and discover more about this world just kept getting stronger until it evolved from a hobby to being his daily job.

He had already achieved some major facts in the fashion world: photos for Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazar Hong Kong and some major works for Elle Croatia and Finland. When questioned about the goal that he enjoyed the most to had accomplished he refers that was to see his work in Vogue Portugal.


It happened this month and I couldn’t be happier!” – He says.

Besides photography, he loves nature, sports and to travel although he had already done is dream trip: Venice! Mostly because he really loves his job, Carlos never leaves his home without his camera.

Simplistic, ambitious and a dreamer, he considers himself a practical person when it comes to decide what to wear.

“Besides all, I like to feel comfortable. I love neutral colors and sporty pieces!” – He says. Maybe for these reasons he can’t stand indifferent to the Prodigy pieces, from the classic line: “I really appreciate when the brands have something that stand out from the others and in Prodigy’s Fashion case is the quality and a great taste! The polo shirts that I chose have captivate me mainly for its colors, being also pieces that I can easily relate.”