From Braga, conquering the world!

Winner of the Model Tour Portugal 2013, Francisco quickly conquered the fashion world. With a promising international path, he is already one of the main bets to his agency. Get to know Francisco Faria!

Born in Braga and with only 25 years old, Francisco Faria already lived in Porto, Milan and Miami. Can`t live without his friends and he is very close to his family. Assertive, altruist and sometimes impatient and stressed out, Francisco claims to be a person of extremes but with sense of humor and he loves a healthy living style, but he can`t say no to candy.

“[Who is Francisco Faria?] That is a question that can have a different answer every day. Every day I am a little bit more... Every day I learn something new. Maybe only on the last days of my life I will know for sure who is Francisco Faria.” – Affirms.

His career in the fashion world started in the begging’s of 2013, year that he won the Model Tour Portugal contest of the Karacter Agency. But despites his very young age and his – still – short career, Francisco already have innumerous achievements and unique experiences that we will never forget: “I already had some funny experiences, for example photograph at the heart of Lisbon with a sheep or photograph inside water, during winter in La Spezia, Italy. But I specially loved the works that I had done in collaboration with Dolce & Gabanna, they we`re all a great experience.

The most curious will certainly remember that Francisco Faria early conquered the fashion designers Dolce & Gabanna for whom he presented two collections and photographed for some catalogues. Still, his dreams and ambitions won`t stop here: “I would like to have a great international campaign, for a perfume, for example” – he confesses.

But you are mistaken if you think that fashion is the only thing in his world! With a degree in Marketing, he loves to travel, sports (his favorites are snow sports) and beach. He can`t leave his house without his cellphone and he dreams to go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights.

With an easy talk and smile, he appreciates brands with personality and considers that Prodidy is a great example of that.

“Prodigy is a brand with several years and have always kept her signature: the polo shirts. Nowadays has more diversity but the brand kept her essence and image. I think that this is a good aspect to distinguish from other brands. There is something that I have loved: the comfort of the pajamas and ropes. Besides, the patterns are so beautiful, no one still have to use the awkward ones that we receive during Christmas.” – he says.

On a daily basis, Francisco loves to take care of his image. Part of the job, you may think, but the truth is that fashion is something that he loves since an early age. His style matches his state of spirit, no excesses and without looking to much polished.

“I like to crisscross styles and mix brands. When I need to buy something… usually I made an impulse buy – for example if I see a piece that I love a lot – or for necessity, if I am needing something very specific. [For this look] I have chosen a turtleneck and a grey coat from Prodigy, these pieces will be for sure useful to winter time and besides that are two pieces that were missing in my closet and that I can mix up with several others!”

Besides being a model, Francisco Faria is already considered an influencer, having already 12k followers on his Instagram account. With a very unique style and esthetic, we got a motive to say “keep following him” and stay tuned to his work.