Le Prince: When Music Meets Fashion

Discover the wonderful and musical story of Le Prince

Born in Amsterdam, Gino Doorson grown up within a musical family where he had the opportunity to listen and get to know different music genres. But it was after he saw Michael Jackson performing that his life changed forever, because at that very moment he decided to become himself an artist. And this was when “Le Prince” has born.

Combining the influence of big names from the musical panorama, such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jacob Miller, with his musical background, Le Prince was able to create his own style, merging reggae with R&B with a bit of Ska.


The NILO model, in navy blue was one of Le Prince
choices, a basic polo shirt that distinguishes
itself for its regular cut and 100% cotton.

With countless performances in his curriculum, Le Prince has recently performed in the Airforce Festival (Enschede, Holand) where he focused in two Prodigy Fashion models with a lightweight and comfortable construction and that fitted perfectly his own personal style.


Looking for an eye-catching piece, Prince
picked LEAVES polo shirt, a piquet polo shirt,
with a print and super original.