We have a large role of multiple materials and colors to make your choice even more eclectic

Prodigy Fashion Materials

We are concerned about all the steps we take to create a textile piece.

Our goods are made with the finest cotton fibers, giving you flexibility, resistance and softness.

Prodigy Fashion Plush Comfort Quality


Comfort and durability: the Prodigy compromises to create products to get together concepts like innovation, quality and elegance.

Prodigy Fashion Cotton Comfort Quality


This natural fiber guarantees a soft touch, absorbs the body humidity and gives you a greater sensation of comfort without neglect the respect for the environment.

Prodigy Fashion Cotton Comfort Quality Piquet Polo Shirt


The Prodigy polo is made with Piquet or Jersey knitting. Changing between a perfect combination of classic style and modern designs these fabrics retain their brightness and softness, even after washing.

Prodigy Fashion Quality Animal Welfare


The Prodigy brand compromises itself not to use animal´s origin materials.

Prodigy Fashion Quality Details


In the small details are the biggest differences. The Prodigy brand has an huge experience about the selection of the fibers and fabrics that we use to produce our clothes.


All the fibers, specially the cotton, that we use on Prodigy clothes go through exigent demands to make sure that all the principles of sustainable development are fulfilled.

Prodigy Fashion Quality Details Materials

Prodigy Fashion Quality Details Materials Accessories


The Prodigy uses exclusively high quality accessories that attempt to the expectation of our clients. We are proud about the durability, excellent fit and color solidity, that we can provide to our costumers throw the accessories that we choose to our collections.

Prodigy Fashion Quality Details Materials Accessories


Prodigy Fashion Quality Details Materials Accessories