Prodigy Environment

prodigy concerns about the environment

The prodigy group is proud to have industrial sensibility about the environmental resources


The Prodigy is proud to use a sophisticated management energy system to get an high energetic efficiency at the company.

We reduce our emissions using supplying energy systems based on renewable and efficient energetic technologies.

We make the effort to can get credited sustainable certificates to all departments of the company.


At the moment we are sensitizing our employees to the reduction of waste of water, in the same way, we are higly motivated to optimize our resources giving special focus on the material that can be recycled.


The Prodigy Group is sensitive about the CO2 analyzes, and that´s why we have uneasiness care to readjust our transportation routes.

When the goods deliveries are made in warehouses, we always try to replace the road transportation for the railway transportation.

We also take time trying get together as much finished merchandise as we can get before making any goods expedition, allowing a bigger exploitation of the selected transportation.


Once integrated at the logistics team part of the production department, he will be responsible for the handling of luxury articles. That means that the logistic assistant will spend an intense period of formation to learn how to control and handle these goods with an appropriate way and without compromise their quality before they are sold.