Prodigy Fashion Careers

One of the main reasons of our success is hire the right team.

We honestly believe that our employees are our biggest treasure.

We make part of a young and dynamic team that search professionals that see challenges as opportunities.

If you are looking for a challenge where the evolution and professional realization are a constant issue, we invite you to send to us your application.


    • Prodigy Fashion Careers Students

    • Since your creation, the Prodigy brand has straight ethical and honest values in all activities and professional relationships.

      We offer the opportunity of winning work experience “in loco” while you conclude your studies.

      We give you the chance of grow professionally and win values skills to apply at the textile business world.

    • If you are interested to make part of this team contact us at
    • Prodigy Fashion Careers Opportunities Professionals

    • We want experience and at the same time we want motivation and audacity. The Prodigy company has as base solids and exquisite values of union that make all of us, a family.

      We are looking for people that see at challenges, true opportunities to go far away. We need: commitment, initiative, creativity, passion, fashion sensibility, dynamism, respect, flexibility, and mobility.

      If you think that you can make part of our team, please contact us at

    • Prodigy Fashion Careers Opportunities Agency Models

    • We are looking for “relaxed and professional models” that identifies themselves with our product. We cooperate daily with models that represent our brands in all media and social sources.

      If you have interest to work with us, please send us a picture of face and body with your body measures to, and we will contact you.

    • reseller agents

    • reseller agents 

      The Prodigy Company looks for comercial agents that represent us at the countries that we thought that is an emergent need.

      If you think that you able to make part of a group like ours, this offer can be for you.

      Please send your appliance to, and show us that you have experience and knowledge to ours brand´s demands.