The astonishing Prodigy world represents the CLASSIC, IDEOLOGY AND LUXURY NIGHTWEAR.


The Prodigy Group Brand´s makes an effort to complement their different lines.

Our designers constantly anticipate future demands without neglecting classic tendencies.

Everything that we do have an unique and simple touch “we make an effort to help you to make everything better: quality, design, sophistication, and an unmatched selection of updated classics and modern designs.

With dedication, hard work, and team spirit, we improve to establish a superior costumer focused approach.



The heritage of 45 years of work is translated by the CLASSIC line. Dare do travel in time with our polo redesign cross the time to make part of the world´s and fashion´s evolution.

More than elegant and comfortable, our CLASSIC LINE represents a casual wear man selection, inspired in a metropolitan style learned for elegant and authentic men’s.

Prodigy Fashion Classic Men Polo Shirt CampaignProdigy Fashion Classic Men Polo Shirt


Prodigy Fashion Brand Ideology Campaign Polo Shirt

The ideology brand make a difference throw the design concept, working with very different styles that fits perfectly and guarantee a trendy and elegant at the same time.

This line is the result of the new era´s Prodigy, is our contemporary line, obviously made with the same quality but with a touch of youth and modernity.

That’s the kind of energy that make us move, at this line we blend and cross between the traditional and the modern.

Prodigy Fashion Brand Ideology Polo ShirtProdigy Fashion Brand Ideology Polo Shirt Lookbook

This line is focus more than other one at the contemporaneous style.

There exist an exhaustive and refined process to choose the color trend´s of each season.

The easy going style are the major influence, the relaxed lifestyle are obligatory presence at this line, as like the chest´s and sleeve´s embroideries. 


Prodigy Fashion Luxury Nightwear Pyjamas Campaign Men

We study, think and create since 1972, so we can be able to sell the best robes and pijamas on the market.

We know that is crucial that you feel comfortable, flexible and with the freedom sensation. That´s why we make a luxury brand, with the high quality materials.

All of our products are design with an one single goal, make you feel good, relaxed and elegant. Beside the fabric quality, we assure that the seams are appropriated to guarantee a better comfort and resistance to the material while you sleep.

The Prodigy Pijama´s are made with the best materials, such as laminated felpa composed by 86% cotton fibers, or jersey 100% cotton fibers.

Composed by 100% polyester fibers that offers you a plenity sensation of softness and delicateness. The Prodigy Robe´s make your body temperature get to the comfort level and at the same time give to you the charm that sometimes misses between our home walls. The fiber what´s made off is friction and wash resistant, whithout losing their initial proprieties.

Prodigy Fashion Luxury Nightwear Pyjamas Lookbook MenProdigy Fashion Luxury Nightwear Pyjamas Men