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The Prodigy Group profile Brands make a lot of efforts to complement their different lines.

Everything that we do is supported by unique and simple thought: “we make an effort to make everything better: quality, design, sophistication, and to make a difference”

With dedication, hard work, and team spirit, we improve to establish news benchmarks in all we do.


The Prodigy Group is focused on the brand´s communication in a stronger and deeper way.

Last years, the Prodigy Group was able to increase the sales in a very significant way at the retail business.

The Prodigy brand is sold at very refined multi brand stores, very well located and the e-commerce business of this brand have been growing since 2015 with clients from all over the world.

2017 has been a special year by the start of the e-commerce platform that answers to all the requests, from final costumers to retail customers.

Founded by Henrique Braga at 1972, the Prodigy Group, began the creation of your own identity thinking reflecting on the clothing that show an active and successful life style.

Thought up and developed the Prodigy´s pajamas and robes, these days, those are the most iconic pieces of the brand and the main ones responsible for its growth.

After 45 years, the Prodigy brand keeps a group of timeless values and a brand of quality and elegance.

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