Dylan Rocha

The definition of a free spirit

Dylan Rocha born in the haute couture city and he loves to discover places and people, he considers himself a part-time explorer. Now we can reveal the key player of this history!

hugo rodrigues

In first place, who is Dylan Rocha?

I am passionate about fashion, probably because I born in the Haute Couture city. With 21 years old – and sure of that until today I haven`t lived it all - I have faced several battles, obstacles and struggles. I have discovered cities, places and people. It is not easy crack me as a person. I love life and to live it! I come from a numerous family with a strong connection. I really enjoy to lying down at night and to know that was a day lived intensely as it should be.

Tell us briefly how your career started in the fashion world?

In fact, my career in the fashion world started during high school where I used to participate in fashion shows, but also to see, since I was little, my brother in this world. I still do fashion shows but in terms of photographic projects I only started it recently.

Being you worried about you image, fashion is not only what you do but also what you are! How would you describe your style and what inspires you the most when you need to choose what to buy or what to wear?

I like do dress myself nicely, it is a fact. Somedays 2 minutes are enough to decide what to wear, in other days I can take up to 5 minutes. I am not a fan of a classic style, I am more casual, but always with an exquisite touch. In my “daily uniform” I need a pair of jeans and a polo shirt or a pair of chinos and a T-shirt. It depends on the days and the moment. When I am buying something I always try to get pieces that match what I already have in my closet!

hugo rodrigues

Let’s now focus a bit more in you: besides fashion, what are your favorite hobbies?
I love dinners! Love to gather my friends for a dinner at home or my family and chat about everything. I like football and I am also a player. I also love to go for a stroll, is something that I really love to do!

You won’t leave home without?
I could say cellphone, but in fact I won’t leave home without my bracelets and a watch.

What are your other passions besides fashion?
Without a doubt that travelling is one of my biggest passions, because moving towards other destinations is to get to know a new perspective of the world.

If you had to choose a dream trip, what would it be?
Make a road trip thought all the fashion capitals and have the opportunity to get to know a bit more about this world that fascinates me.

hugo rodrigues

For you, what does Prodigy have that distinguishes itself from other brands and what are the pieces that you loved the most?
What I really loved, was without a doubt, the simplicity of the pieces! I like a good piece and as the time goes by and having a bigger knowledge, I understood that a more minimalist piece but not less elegant is way worthy that ten exaggerated pieces.

You had the opportunity to choose three Prodigy pieces: what took you to choose those in particular?
As I had already mentioned, I am a big fan of a good piece and the fact of this one allow me multiple combinations! These Prodigy pieces are the perfect example of that because with them I can be between a casual and classic style at the same time.