Hugo Rodrigues in eight questions!

With more than 20k followers, Hugo Rodrigues is already a successful case in Portugal. With a style that he considers pretty much his own, Prodigy shows you a bit more about the face behind this social network

hugo rodrigues

In first place, who is Hugo Rodrigues?

Hugo is a happy and fun person, that is hardly affected by a bad mood. Besides that, I am a person with goals and determination to see them accomplished.

Tell us, in a brief way, how your career as an instagrammer started? What do you like to publish the most? What is your strategy?

I always loved fashion and photography and I saw on Instagram a perfect platform to achieve a wider public, mainly the male audience. I like to publish my looks but also places where I have been and moments. Regarding the strategy – if that’s what we can call – I try to be the most faithful to myself and for that reason I only work with brands that I can relate with!

How would you describe your style and what inspires you the most when you need to buy or to wear something?

The truth is that I don’t follow any specific pattern! I like to feel comfortable with what I am wearing, whatever it is more sporty or classic. The most important is to look at a piece and feel something that I can relate with!

hugo rodrigues

Now let’s focus a bit more on you and in your career: besides fashion, what are your favorite hobbies?

My favorite hobbies and that I am lucky to be able to enjoy them on my daily life are: sports (can’t live without playing football and also watch), be with my friends and girlfriend, have a great dinner with a good conversation and discover new places.

Can’t leave home without?

I could list several things but the truth is that I never leave home without fixing my hair.

What are your passions besides fashion?

As I referred above, I love sports and I consider it fundamental to make me feel good with myself, due to all the benefits for health and image. I also love to travel and I try to do it whenever possible.

hugo rodrigues

Dream trip?

 I have a few on my mental list but the one that I would love to do the most is Bora Bora. Without no doubts that this destiny is on the top of my list.

For you, what does Prodigy have that make it different from other brands? 

There are several aspects that make me love a piece. Loved the fitting of the Prodigy pieces that I choose, also the bright colors, perfect for summer time. But what I really valued and for me that is the main factor that distinguishes Prodigy from other brands, was the incredible quality of the pieces.