The fabulous world of Paulo César

Getting into the world of Paulo César is, in fact, a real discovery! With 27 years old, this young guy from Oporto have already a thousand experiences to tell and we want to know about them all

Is there anything better in the world than travel and enjoy freedom? No! And Paulo César better than anyone could tell about this. A sport lover, he entered the university where his passion became his degree. However and given the current situation of the country, the difficulty to work in is area is real and these days he tries to do a bit of everything.

paulo cesar

“For the past 3 years, I have been a Dj in a triple (Chinelos com Vida) and I also dedicate myself to explore the digital world that has become a growing market!”

Surfing, skating and taking pictures are some of the stuff that he likes to do. However, nothing beats his huge passion to discover new places: “Traveling is the best of everything” – he says.

Considered a huge adventurer, his philosophy is to live life to the fullest:

“I use to say something that I read somewhere: « Life is not defined for the moments that we breathe but for the ones that makes us loose our breath! » This reinforces how much I love adrenaline and nature, that is the maximum exponent of life to me… getting out of the city and capitalization is almost an addiction… I don’t really like cities or too much noise!”.

paulo cesar

The love for adventure had led to Tribeguys Co., a blog about experiences and trips where Paulo and two friends share their love and vision of each experience.

“The Tribeguys Co. is a new project, super fresh, that started with my best friend, that is also a photographer and loves to travel! We started to register all of our adventures as visual storytellers and suddenly the brands started to talk with us. At the beginning, we didn’t really know what to do, because we didn’t really know the digital world, but when we realize that we could travel with this project, the all thing gained another dimension!”.

paulo cesar

They already had the opportunity to visit several places inside and out of the country. In Tribeguys Co. they document each one of their trips - mainly on Instagram – and share value tips. In his view, all the adventures that he lived were significant and the most difficult turned into something funny to remember. Difficult, he says, is to choose a fav one, since each one were special:

“I don’t really know how many countries I had already visit, but more than 20 for sure. The place that visually I loved the most was Thailand, I loved everything there, is without a doubt divine. Regarding lifestyle and ecosystem I loved Bali, in Indonesia, a truly refugee. Let’s see what is reserved for our next trip, in September, to Malaysia and Philippines!”

paulo cesar

Each place of the world is different, but in each one of them what Paulo César loves the most is to capture the children’s smile and the surrounding cultures. When questioned about his dream trip, he says that are all the ones that he didn’t done yet, but Hawaii have a really special place in his heart.

Daily or during a trip, he always tries to be comfortable. Maybe for that reason he loved the Prodigy pieces:

“The brand has what I love the most: it is simple, a sublime and not exaggerated design and that makes the difference. What I loved the most were the pajamas. My choices were made taking into account the simplicity of the models but also the colors. However, what I really loved was the pajama!”