Daniel Pinheiro: from architecture to the fashion world!

With a very determined personality and a peculiar love for art and creativity, Daniel Pinheiro is one of the most influential instagrammers from the north of Portugal due to his unique and exclusive style

“Due to my versatile style, I decided to start my blog and post daily looks. Quickly I have fallen in love with this world and as the time went by I started to took this more seriously… and I will continue to do so!”

When questioned about his style, he summarizes it with only one word: versatile. His creativity is always present when he needs to decide what to wear and he never forgets the details, the unique combination of colors and patterns and the different occasions of the day.


"Is a great way to make a difference in occasions where we need to maintain a clean look" 


When I need to decide what to wear and what inspires me the most is to create something different: a detail that changes the all look, a different combination… Everyday is a challenge for me!”

Left home without accessories is inconceivable because for him those are the most important element of the masculine style. Also, the quality of the pieces is a decisive factor when it is time to choose what to wear because for him what distinguishes a brand like Prodigy from the others are the finishing, the materials and the design that besides being casual could also give an irreverent touch to his outfits.

“The floral patterns are one of the trends that i really appreciate!”

Although fashion has stolen his heart, he studied architecture, loves design, interior design and to travel – he would love to know New York, Dubai, Maldives, Tokyo and Thailand – and to practice some sports. A coffee with friends is always a good plan as also going to the cinema because he never misses a good movie!

With both feet on the ground, Daniel still loves to dream and to aspire higher flights:

“As a blogger/instagrammer, I would love to turn this hobby into my main job, to have my own brand… besides so many things that with sometime I will reveal!”

“Using a unique pattern is a way to give a different touch to a look“