Miguel Vital 

Chatting with one of the faces from the new collection Prodigy Classic 

Miguel Vital is a 21 years old model that is the face of the brand new lookbook of the Prodigy classic line. Dedicated and full of dreams, it was the brand`s choice due to his different look and unique personality, which is why we want to get to know a little bit more about him that is already a known face in the biggest fashion events, here in Portugal.

It all started at the beach, in Cascais, where Miguel used to meet some friends during the evening. It was there that a representative from the Karacter Agency approached him and suggested that he attended to the Karacter Model Tour contest. “At that time, I wasn`t very sure where I was getting into… but today I know that I made a great decision!” – declares Miguel. ”.

It was one of the greatest adventures of his life, not even for a minute he suspected that at the end he would be the winner. This, was without any doubts, one of the moments that he will never forget, but it isn`t the last, he will forever remember the Dolce&Gabbana fashion show and the commercial with Shakira. Always with his feet on the ground, aspires to do more and to work hard every day to reach his goals.Among them are: to be the face of a major international campaign and to have a daily fashion job, something that is not possible today because he is still finishing his studies.

Sports and urban art lover, doesn`t leave home without his headphones and loves to draw every time he feels inspired. Regarding his dream trip, besides Iceland, a country that fascinates him, he would love to do the Route 66 in America.With a unique experience in the fashion world, Miguel assumes that is much easier to feel inspired in this world, due to the constant interaction with stylists and fashion designers. “All of this made me look at fashion from another perspective and made me change my own style. Nowadays I take more risks when I am choosing my clothes. “– he reveals.

At the end, Miguel Vital also commented about his experience with Prodigy Fashion: “Prodigy launched this new classic line, that is at the same time a little bit more chilled, giving a versatile choice to whom uses their pieces. I found that super interesting and besides that, the set of colors of this new line, in my point of view, worked out amazingly.” Miguel Vital choices “I have chosen these Prodigy pieces mainly because I know that I will feel great when I wear them, they are just right for me, but also for the versatility that they will bring to my wardrobe.” .