Forget the runways – the street itself is where style is born and where it thrives!

Meet Diogo Almeida Cunha and his personal style!

With only 21 years old, Diogo Almeida Cunha is already an example when it comes to fashion. Currently studding engineering, his personal taste splits between fashion, lifestyle and fitness.
He loves to travel and spend good moments with his friends, but what makes his heart beat is create digital content for his blog and social networks, where he shares his outfits, but not only!
It was with only 15 years old that fashion started to have a bigger impact in his life and he started to care more about how he presents himself to the world. Following this and combined
with his passion for photography, he came up with the idea to create a digital place where he could share all that he loves. 

“[The best of being a blogger is] to be able to do something that I like and know that other people can relate to it and admire our work!” – he says.

With a minimalist but versatile style, Diogo says that sometimes is really complicated to maintain the social networks active and for that reason and due to the “exponential
evolution that Instagram had in the last few years”, he ended up to use this more as a “daily work platform and the blog is only used for detailed information about the products, whenever needed”.

“I spend only one day per week shooting all that I can and during the week I edit, publish and answer to emails and messages” – he revels.

With a lifestyle that demands a versatile and perfect wardrobe for any occasion, Diogo Almeida Cunha saw on the Prodigy Fashion pieces a great ally.

“I have chosen the Naru jumper from the Classic line to create a more classic and formal look, perfect for a meeting or a special occasion. With the Salomon turtleneck, I liked the idea to put together something a bit more formal with a more street and casual style” – he says and adds – “Both pieces have a great quality and a perfect fitting!”.