Lovers of old and reinventors of the new: get to know

Tânia and Rui, an original couple from Braga!


Tânia and Rui are a young couple from Braga, with a very pronounced personality regarding fashion.
Vintage style lovers, they used to work in the health sector, she as a nurse and him in the hospital management area,
until they saw their passion turn into a Retro restaurant in Rua do Anjo, Braga (Portugal): the Retrokitchen.

Considered as a second – and many times the first – home, Retrokitchen it’s a space with a unique environment that bring
us back to the traditional homes of the Portuguese grandmothers, with pieces full of stories, simple and genuine
home food, which is characterized by a secret ingredient: the love for what they do.

Retrokitchen is a space where we receive our clients that easily become our friends!” – they tell.

It is impossible to be indifferent to the style and attitude of Tânia and Rui: both love unique and colorful pieces, changing
between them lots of the pieces that they have!

For them fashion it is a way to be in life and they use it to reflect what they are, in its purest essence.
Maybe by that reason when invited by Prodigy Fashion to do this article, they answered “yes”without hesitating and bet
in something different: an afternoon in Braga, exploring home mood.

“The afternoon spent with Prodidy was super fun. It is not every day that we can stroll around the city center in pajamas and robes,

super comfortable, handcrafted with the best materials and that have everything to do with us!”

With eyes on them, they had fun like no one else, living a day out of their home but as they were there. This is the living proof
that the Prodigy Fashion pajamas are so comfortable that we would love to wear them, every single minute of our day.