Meet Santiago, a Portuguese engineer now living in Birmingham, UK!

This is a brief insight into the life and work of Santiago in England

Santiago is a trained auto engineer who was born and raised in Portugal but now resides and works in Birmingham, UK. He had a very busy life in Portugal which was not so different from his current life in England. He initially visit to the UK was to work as an auto engineer for Jaguar (a great car manufacturer). However, he was lured back by the prospect of working for McLaren, but after a while Santiago decided to return to the UK and work as a resident auto engineer for a Portuguese supplier of Jaguar vehicles.

Discover the English city of Birmingham

Where is it?

Birmingham is a metropolitan city located in the West Midlands, England; standing on the small River Rea. It is the largest and most populous British city outside London.

Life in Birmingham

Nightlife in Birmingham is mainly concentrated along Broad Street and into Brindley place. Although in more recent years Broad Street has lost its popularity due to the closing of several clubs. The Arcadian now has more popularity in terms of nightlife.

The city of entertainment

Birmingham is home to many entertainment and leisure venues. It is home to Europe's largest leisure and entertainment complex: Star City, as well as Europe's first out-of-city-center, entertainment and leisure complex known as Resorts World Birmingham which is owned by the Genting Group. The Mailbox which caters for more affluent clients is based within the city.

Know more about Santiago and his life

Hello Santiago, thank you for being with us today. So can you tell us what you do?

Hi, thank you for having me. I am a resident auto engineer for a Portuguese supplier of Jaguar Land Rover in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

How is your life in Birmigham?

My life in Birmingham is mostly a busy one, but I do have some free time once in a while. Whenever I am free, there is always something to preoccupy my time in the second biggest city of the UK.

What is the difference about life in Portugal and life in UK?

The first thing you notice about the UK is the weather, unlike Portugal; England is very cloudy and not so sunny. The next thing is the food, in England the food is quite multi-cultural, but this is not the case in Portugal. In terms of entertainment and leisure, England is very eventful with lots of recreational activities and frequent concerts. Also in the UK, there are lots of opportunities for personal, cultural and professional development.

What do you think about the brand: Prodigy?

I like prodigy because it always gives me the assurance of good quality and comfort. The clothes made by them are excellent to wear during my free time, while I am at work or when exploring the UK and when I am in a more relaxed environment.

Santiago’s favourite Prodigy Polo

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