Prodigy Environment

prodigy is concerned about the environment

The prodigy group is proud to have industrial sensibility about the environmental resources


Prodigy is proud to use a sophisticated energy management system to ensure high energy efficiency in our company.

We reduce our emissions by deploying energy supply systems, that make use of renewable and efficient energy technologies.

We make a concerted effort to obtain accredited sustainable certificates to all departments of our company


At the moment, we are sensitizing our employees to the reduction of water waste, in the same way, we are highly motivated to optimize our resources by giving special focus to the use of recyclable materials.


Prodigy Group is sensitive about the increase in CO2 gas emission in the environment and we have taken steps to ensure that our mode of transportation helps to reduce the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere.

When deliver goods to our warehouses using predominantly railway transportation, rather than road transportation.

We also ensure that a large volume of our finished products is transported at a time in order to maximize the use of the selected mode of transportation and reduce the CO2 emission released during each trip through road transportation.


The logistics assistant is responsible for the handling of luxury items, he is integrated into the logistics team which is part of the production department. He learns how to handle the luxury merchandise in a controlled and meticulous way to ensure that there is no damage to it and that the quality is not compromised.