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If you are looking for an easily accessible clothing brand with a reputation in the world of fashion, one that would enhance your multi-brand store, then look no further than Prodigy.

The Prodigy brand sells to a large number of retail stores spread across the whole world and we are proud to say that we have more than 40 years of hands-on experience with retail clients.

We satisfy a wide range of male consumers with our different high-quality clothing lines and your retail store can be sure to have quick sales and a rapid return on investment.

Prodigy in your Store Showroom


Admittedly we are a reputable and renowned brand in the fashion industry. Our marketing structure is constantly updated to assure our retail customers of our focus of being the best male clothing brand in the world.


If you are interested in having our brand in your retail store, please contact us: 

Our internal department will attend to your request and once we are satisfied that you meet all our retail store requisites, we will contact you.

Thank you.

prodigy retail stores

prodigy fashion retail stores

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