The astonishing Prodigy world is represented by the CLASSIC, IDEOLOGY AND LUXURY NIGHTWEAR.


The Prodigy Group Brand makes a concerted effort to complement their different lines.
Our designers constantly anticipate future demands without neglecting the classic look.

Everything that we do has a unique and simple touch: “we make an effort to help you to make everything better: quality, design, sophistication and an unmatched selection of upgraded classic and modern designs.

With dedication, hard work, and team spirit, we improve to establish a superior costumer focused approach.



The heritage of 45 years of work is translated by the CLASSIC line. Dare to travel back in time with our polo redesign.

Our CLASSIC LINE consisting of a casual wear selection is inspired by a metropolitan style to provide elegance and comfort for today’s man.

Prodigy Fashion Classic Men Polo Shirt Campaign Prodigy Fashion Classic Men Polo Shirt


Prodigy Fashion Brand Ideology Campaign Polo Shirt

The Ideology line comes in a variety of designs that guarantee that our customers are always elegant and in tune with modern trends.

The Prodigy brand enters into a new era with the Ideology line providing customers with a modern and youthful design while still maintaining the very high quality that this contemporary line is known for.

This line unifies traditional and modern designs to give a dynamic, energetic and comfortable feel.

Prodigy Fashion Brand Ideology Polo Shirt Prodigy Fashion Brand Ideology Polo Shirt Lookbook

The contemporary style of the Ideology line makes it stand out from others.

Each season comes with its own color preference which this line is designed to meet.

Our Ideology line satisfies your need for an easy going relaxed lifestyle.


Prodigy Fashion Luxury Nightwear Pyjamas Campaign Men

Since 1972, we have created and maintained our reputation of providing the best robes and pyjamas in the market.

Your comfort matters most to us, so our LUXURY NIGHTWEAR LINE is designed with high quality materials to give you the flexibility and freedom you deserve.

All our products are designed with a single goal in mind and that is to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and elegant. You will sleep soundly when you invest in our Luxury Nightwear line.

The Prodigy Pyjamas are made with the best materials available, such as laminated felpa composed of 86% cotton fibers or jersey composed of 100% cotton fibers

Composed of 100% polyester fibers that provides you with unlimited comfort as the soft and delicate material has a nice feel on your skin. Our robes have a high resistance to friction and regular washing without losing their properties.

Prodigy Fashion Luxury Nightwear Pyjamas Lookbook Men Prodigy Fashion Luxury Nightwear Pyjamas  Men